consulting foresters in PA WV OH and NY - Appalachian Forest Consultants is a full service forest management company offering the best timber sale services in PA.

Appalachian Forest Consultants Forest Management Services Include:

  • Forest Management Guidance
  • Timber Evaluation
  • Timber Marketing
  • Forest Stewardship Assistance
  • Forest Insect and Disease Management
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Herbicidal Treatment (of competing plants and invasive plants
    involved with forest management)
  • Log Marketing
  • NEW! ALL Wildlife Services: plans, surveys, consultations,
                            endangered species work, etc

Great Resources for your Forest Management Needs:

  • Two Deer Management Radio Programs (15 min each)
             Listen to #1 now
             Listen to #2 now

  • Three Forest Management Radio Programs (15 min each)
            Listen to #1 now
            Listen to #2 now
            Listen to #3 now

  • Interested in cutting edge forestry? How about carbon markets? Listen to a great
    cooperative effort between the Lock Haven City Authority, The Nature Conservancy and
            Listen now

Local Forest Landowner
Associations organize
forest-related educational events
like this chainsaw safety
Forestry field tours can be
planned for your family or
organization. Contact
or call (814) 893-5459.
Forest Management
Appalachian Forest Consultants, LLC
Chainsaw Safety Workshop - Forest Landowner Associations organize educational forestry events
Forestry field tours - Call us if you would like to schedule some for your family or organization.
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Read this
short article
from the Pennsylvania Forestry
Association's periodical,
Forest Leaves
If you have a golden winged warbler project in mind, we can help
make it a real success. We work on
golden-winged warbler projects
every day at AFC! Call us!
New Articles by
Mike Wolf and
Mark Banker
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Read Pennsylvania Forestry
Association's latest periodical,
Forest Leaves
Attention Forest Landowners!

Now is the time to improve your forest. The government is offering a
large number of incentives and cost-shares that you can use to
improve your forest. No more excuses!
Get rid of invasive plants; Improve wildlife habitat; Plant trees; Develop
a forest management plan; Harvest timber; And many many more!

Call AFC today for details!
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Working Woodlands Program
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