Consulting Forester in PA WV OH and NY - Appalachian Forest Consultants is a full service forest management company offering the best timber sale services in PA

Fall colors were extraordinary on
October 20th in 'America's County'
(Somerset Co.).
Appalachian Forest Consultants,
provides forest management
services for all forest owners.
Your goals become ours. We can
professionally meet all your
forest management needs.
AFC provides the following forest
management services:

  • Forest Management Advice
  • Timber Evaluation
  • Timber Marketing
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Forest Stewardship Assistance
  • Forest Insect and Disease
  • Invasive Plant Control Consultation
    and Management
  • Log Marketing
  • ALL Wildlife Services: plans,
    surveys, consultations, endangered
    species work, etc.

We have the team to fit your forestry and
wildlife needs. Give us a call today to
discuss your project and your property!
   (814) six 59 - one 280
In addition to forest management services, we are involved in and support
forestry education and forestry-related organizations in our community:
What can AFC do for you?
We offer free site visits and can walk through your property with you to discuss
your forest resources and your objectives as forest owner. We would gladly meet
with your family or organizational board to discuss your forest ownership
objectives and forest management options.
It has been proven (
1,2) that hiring a forestry consultant is a wise financial
decision and a sound stewardship endeavor. Let us help you with all your forest
management needs! Contact
foresters or call (814) six59-one28zero
Appalachian Forest Consultants, LLC
AFC - A Pennsylvania Based Forest Management Company
Appalachian Forest Consultants picture of fall foliage 2007. Consulting Foresters available for PA, WV, OH, NY.
Ranger has been a faithful friend to Forester Mike Wolf for 13.5 years. Ranger has recently retired from woods work to a dog's life of laying around the house.

Foresters like to work with
buddies! This is Ranger, Mike
Wolf's buddy who had worked in
the field most of his life. Ranger
died in the summer of 2009.
This picture was taken on
Ranger's last field day.
If you have a golden winged warbler project in mind, we can
help make it a real success. We work on golden-winged
warbler projects every day at AFC! Call us!
It is so important to look down at your forest floor. What is growing? Does it look like this?
If you're not looking're
missing something!!! So much of
forest health can be determined by
what is currently growing on your
forest floor!