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Projects (Continued)
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Some properties, like this one, need a lot of
repair work. In this case, multiflora rose and
tartarian honeysuckle are major problems
facing this old apple orchard. We will be
designing a repair strategy for this location
as part of an overall forest stewardship plan
for this landowner.
AFC Recent and On-going Projects - page 2
Follow along "in the field" as Appalachian Forest Consultants provides forest management services to forest owners near
you. Each picture or series of pictures represents a forest management strategy. If you have any questions about any of
these strategies, feel free to contact us at
foresters or (814) six59-one 2 8 zero. This project page is designed to provide a
brief but interesting look into the profession of forest management. Each of our client's forest owner objectives are different.
Also, there is great variety in the forest types of our clients. AFC's strategies must be sound, flexible and creative to be
No longer bare dirt. This food plot really took off this summer and is now a desirable place for animals to feed.
Updated food plot picture from first "Projects"
page. As of spring 2008, this acre was just
an old opening that was reverting slowly back
to forest. Now, it is a thriving deer and turkey
grocery patch. After liming and fertilizing, we
sowed an annual Wetzel Wildlife Mix with
perennial clover and chickory. The plot now
contains sorghum, brassicas, buckwheat,
clover, chickory,  and other tasty morsels.
Small core samples can be extracted from trees safely. These samples provide good information to the forest manager and can help the forest owner make wise decisions.
These small wood samples, called cores,
would fit inside a drinking straw. They have
been extracted from a client's trees on a 400
acre property. Each sample provides
evidence of how trees on the property are
growing. This growth study revealed great
information to help our client make good
decisions with this forest.
Controlling unwanted plants has expanded
the forest management services we have
been providing for over 50 years. Controlling
undesirable understory plants an essential
forest management practice today..
This 200 gallon high volume spray unit
contains a hose and nozzle that can reach up
to 300 feet from the trailer. This past
summer, we treated over 30 acres with this
unit on a local farm that is involved in many
habitat improvement projects. Our main
target was multi-flora rose, a vicious
competing plant that virtually took over the
farm's woodlots. Within a couple weeks we
accomplished a total victory over the invasive
plants and now the farm's woodlots will
begin to grow healthy, native species that will
benefit the forest and its wildlife.
When it is time to regenerate a forest, there
is a lot to think about. What will grow back
following a harvest? How can we ensure
sustainability of our forest? How can we
timber harvest pitfalls? This client
wanted to do the right thing. The right thing
included controlling competing plants and a
seed tree regeneration harvest with a goal of
growing a new forest. The seed trees will be
removed once the new forest is established.
Considering a timber harvest? Don't jump
into it too fast. Be sure to do your homework
before making this difficult decision. Our
forest management page contains many
articles and links that can help you gain
important information. A crucial step in a
successful timber harvest is hiring the right
forester to walk you through the process.
Most logging jobs do not look like this one. In too many cases, small and inadequate trees are left following a harvest. This sale however was marked by a professional forester with a goal of regenerating the site. The large, healthy trees left will provide seed and shelter for the new forest to gain momentum.
AFC can rid your property of invasive plants
Got Wildlife Habitat?

It doesn't always come easy. This landowner,
a hunting club, wanted a place where deer
would feel protected and happy. They wanted
deer to spend more time on their property.
This habitat make-over was accomplished
without the investments of herbicide and
fencing. The deer love it!
This white oak log has been sold, through
our contacts, to Japan. The white oak tree
was cut down in a backyard in Westmont
Borough to make room for a garage. The
property owner made over $2000 from this
one log. Be careful who you believe when it
comes to the value of your tree or trees. The
value could be a lot higher than you think.
Mike Wolf was thrilled to join Consol Energy
at this year's National Hunt for the Ruffed
Grouse Society in Grand Rapids, MN.
Northern MN contains some of the world's
best grouse and woodcock habitat due to a
cooperative effort between private industry,
hunters, and government agencies.
A GREAT success story! The standing, dead
trees are black birch. They have been killed
with a chemical and are no longer able to
impede the growth of the oak seedlings! This
property owner, a hunting club, realizes the
value of re-growing oak and eliminating
competing plants like black birch.
Appalachian Forest Consultants will improve your property's ability to hold deer - guaranteed!
Large logs can be valuable, especially if sold the right way! Call AFC for high dollar log sales!
Forestry and Wildlife Managment go hand in hand. Mike Wolf, like most PA Foresters, enjoys creating better opportunities for hunters.
If competing plants are removed, native hardwood seedlings can thrive.
hard to argue with success. This great
wildlife habitat brought to you by the
cooperative efforts of AFC, RGS, and DCNR's
Bureau of Forestry - Scullton, PA
Wildlife Biologist Mark Banker getting set to create Golden Winged Warbler habitat. Thick, early successional habitat benefits many species of wildlife.
The advanced regeneration on this property
will be the KEY to success on this
Golden-Winged Warbler project